As I look forward to the approaching holiday season I always get nostalgic.  Thanksgiving and Christmas were a magical time when I was growing up.  We spent these holidays together as an extended family with love good food and a few sibling rivalries.  Thanksgiving was the more formal of the settings with a properly set table of the best china, silver silverware, and cloth napkins.  We were taught as small children to set the table using a picture my grandmother tore out of a magazine to make sure we had the right fork in the right order on the left side. 😊.  It makes me smile even now to think of these memories.  I found this cute placemat that I will use with the boys.  I know they probably don't care, but that's part of it.  You don't appreciate it until later.  Great memories.


My grandmother lived next door to my great grandmother.  A dirt drive separated the two.  Pecan trees in the back yard, and a club house behind the garage.  On Thanksgiving morning the cooking started before sun rise, a parade on TV, and lots of laughter.  I’ll add a link at the bottom of this post to some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. 


As I look forward to the holidays this year I look for ways to honor those days and share them with our boys Wyatt and Cooper.  I love having the grandmother role!  I don’t cook as good as my Granny did, but I know where to shop, and who to call for the special secret recipes. 


I guess I hope to share the love that I felt then with them now.


I found this cute placemat on Amazon. 

Ours was not so fancy!


Great tips and traditions to pass on to children this holiday season:


1.    Help with meal prep.  Wednesday night has always been “girl’s night”.  We gathered together and cut up the vegetables.  When my grandmother was alive there were NO food processors allowed, and the veggies must be small!  We began using them immediately when she went to Heaven.  Kids can help wash the vegetables, and store in baggies after preparation.  Many of my favorite memories are of these Wednesday nights.  Great Stories and lots of laughter.
2.    Setting the Table and decorating with their art work.
3.    Older kids can plan games and other activities to keep little one's busy and  entertained.
4.    Let the kids pick a favorite dish and help prepare: All of the next generation are “in training”, and when they are grown still prepare their specialties for family events.
5.    Encourage kids to tell favorite stories of past year and things they are thankful for.
This is the cutest idea I have found for sharing a project with your kids this holiday season.  Her web site is linked by her name, and it is awsome! The link to the site is below.