April 2017 we began in incredible new journey with two precious boys.  My daughter and her husband addopted Wyatt and Cooper.  They came to live with us in 2016, and it took about a year for everything to fall into place. The adoption was final in April. YEAH.  Felicity and Nathan are both in their late 30's, and were in deep trouble. They had both been around kids their whole lives, but this was a 2 1/2 year old with SPD and a newborn that was born with drugs in his system.  I still remember my trip up here and my daughter called me.  She asked where I was and how far away.  When I told her I was in the City she started crying.  I laughed and told her she had never been so happy to see me that she cried with joy. haha

Becoming Granny July 2017


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